15 Anthropomorphic Objects

Have you ever seen a common everyday object and could swear that its smiling at you? Well, it could be that funny looking cigarette you have been smoking, or its just anthropomorphic! Cool Dashboard Is Cool Happy Toothbrush Holders Are Happy This Mailbox Is On A Smoke Break This Music Makes Everyone Smile Serious Street […]

9 SEO Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Better Ranking

Having the best looking site or most compelling content on the web does not mean much if you are not able to attract the attention of the major search engines. For most site owners, the trick to earning significant web traffic is not as much about the web design as it is about understanding the […]

10 Tools To Automate Facebook

Facebook is the second most popular site on the Internet. The amount of time people spend posting updates, looking at pictures, reading other peoples update and playing games is immense. Saving even a few minutes a day can make a huge difference in a persons productivity. Here are 10 tools to automate Facebook and help […]

How Social Media Affects Link Building

Social Media has been around for years now. If part of your SEO plan doesn’t include optimizing for Social Media, you can’t be considered a relevant SEO in 2011. Ok, enough skills bashing, Social Media is a great way to build links if you use it the right way. Like all things, Social Media link […]

How To Add “Tweet This” Links To Any CMS With PHP

Twitter is a popular social media platform that not only enables communication but can help drive traffic to your blog. On way to integrate twitter with your blog is to add a “Tweet This” link to your pages. If you are using WordPress or another popular CMS you can find plugins that will do this […]

Mobile Messaging Test Subjects Needed – FREE STUFF INSIDE

We are currently developing a very unique social media application that utilizes text messaging! During the development of this product we have realized that we need some help testing our system on the widest array of mobile carriers. Therefore we are asking for help from you! Anyone that agrees to help with this test will […]

WhosTalkin.com Moves To Media Temple!

It is my proud pleasure to announce that WhosTalkin.com is now using a robust hosting solution provided by Media Temple. We are very excited to move forward with a company that has a proven record in hosting excellence! This change should also allow us to scale as we continue to develop a new line of […]

WhosTalkin? iGoogle Gadget Released!

Hey everyone! I have some great news, we just rolled out our first tool at WhosTalkin.com! It is my proud pleasure to present to you The WhosTalkin.com iGoogle Gadget! You can now find out exactly what is being said in the world of social media with out leaving the comfort of your home page! For […]