10 Tools To Automate Facebook

Facebook is the second most popular site on the Internet. The amount of time people spend posting updates, looking at pictures, reading other peoples update and playing games is immense. Saving even a few minutes a day can make a huge difference in a persons productivity. Here are 10 tools to automate Facebook and help you get back some of the time you spend online.

  1. Shareaholic

    Many users like to share some of the gems they find browsing the web with their friends in Facebook. Unfortunately, not all pages have a Like button. Shareaholic is an add-on that works with most browsers and can share post a link to whatever page you are on with just a click of the mouse button without logging into Facebook.

  2. Facebook Blaster Pro

    Adding friends and sending messages can be a hassle in Facebook when you keep getting hit with Captcha screens. Facebook Blaster Pro can take care of these tasks and bypass the Captcha screens as well. You can send mass messages, friend pokes and post to walls automatically with Facebook Blaster Pro.

  3. Hootsuit

    A dashboard that lets you update Facebook and other social media is only part of what Hootsuit has to offer. This application also compiles statistics and monitors your competitors so you can keep track of how effectively Facebook and other social media are promoting your company’s brand.

  4. Facebook Automation 1.0

    Keeping up on accepting friend requests and posting messages to everybodys Facebook wall can be consume hours of every day. Facebook Automation 1.0 can take care of these tasks and more. One thing to keep in mind, it only works with Internet Explorer.

  5. Farming Extreme Manager

    More than 80 million people play Farmville on Facebook and the amount of time spent harvesting and planting crops can be significant. Farming Extreme Manager will take care of these tasks as long as the game is open in a browser. It will even manage gifts and visiting neighbor farms.

  6. X-Cart

    Keeping a company Facebook page updated with new products or pricing can be time consuming. X-Cart can do this and more automatically. It helps build your brand through Facebook while you are focusing on managing your day to day business activities.

  7. Tweetdeck

    Updating Facebook status on the go can be a hassle even with today’s smartphones. Updating Twitter is a lot easier. Tweetdeck lets users update their Facebook status with their Twitter feed. It can also work the other way around so keeping followers and friends updated can be done from either application with the help of Tweetdeck.

  8. Ad.ly

    Many public figures are using Facebook to stay connected with their fans and constituents. Keeping a steady stream of status updates going can be a challenge even with a team of personal assistants. Ad.ly can keep your status fresh and up to date so your friends don’t forget about you.

  9. JGrabAllGifts

    Many people play numerous games on Facebook and their gift page can become unmanageable quickly. JGrabAllGifts does all the clicking on the gifts page for you. Each gift accepted opens in a new tab for those who want to regift. It can also automate Facebook requests like Causes and Events.

  10. FeedBlitz

    Facebook is the ultimate list builder for an email marketing campaign. Feedblitz can automatically pull out the email addresses from Facebook and integrate them into a complete marketing campaign that includes email, Twitter, Facebook posts and more. Plus it includes the necessary analytic tools to monitor and gauge the campaigns impact.

Research for this post was provided in part by Strategic Development Group.